Snipers is a professional digital marketing service provider, covering integrated marketing, e-commerce operation, conference, digitalization training, PR, enterprise consultation, market research, etc.

Focus on building materials, industrial products, chemicals, automation, energy and power, life science, food and beverage, Snipers is committed to providing clients with the most innovative one-stop digital marketing service solutions.




 Search Engine Marketing Automation

  • EPR Marketing
  • Baike, Q & A
  • Public opinion monitoring
  • E-commerce search engine promotion

 We-media Operation

  • Omni-channel media operation
  • Weibo operation
  • WeChat operation
  • Customized media content
  • H5 planning, design
  • KOL release

 Brand Marketing and Promotion

  • Online industry analysis
  • Online brand positioning
  • Integrated marketing
  • Online media release
  • Precise marketing
  • Visual design

 Program Development and Operation

  • Construction and optimization of
    website and micro-site
  • Construction of database
  • Development and operation of APP
    and Mini program
  • Development and maintenance of ERP

 E-commerce operation

  • Store Operations
  • Marketing campaign
  • Platform Development
  • Warehousing Distribution
  • Customer Service

 Digitalization Training

  • Digital skills training
  • Digital customized training

Snipers is committed to providing customers with innovative one-stop digital marketing service solutions


With eight years of experience in program development, nine years of experience in social media, and years of experience in B2B and B2C industries, Snipers provides one-stop digital marketing service solutions.

Snipers continues to provide consulting and training services for Saint-Gobain digital business unit, facilitating Saint-Gobain to integrate the digital business throughout business units.

Snipers provides Solvay with B2B omni-channel e-commerce business strategies and digital marketing services, and supports Solvay marketing automation.

Snipers provides one-stop SEM services and mini program development applications for WuXi Biologics, helping companies gain more user retention and expand market potential resources.

Snipers provides one-stop SEM service for Sartorius to help enterprises increase from search engines through the promotion and optimization of the website of visitors, thus achieving higher value conversions.




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